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September 26th, 2016

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I was invited to a Christian singles mixer tonight so I m going all out .Oiled up my tattoos , spiked my hair into a purple Mohawk and got my best nose ring in.My ensemble for the evening is a neon pink tank top, nipple slits tastefully cut to show off my piercings .All this tops assless leather chaps and 6 inch platform converse all stars in bright orange .Bet they never bother me again .

September 26th, 2016 23:30

post pics or it didnt happen! :aetsch:


PayPal me


number please.... i would pay to see that


laffnnnnnnnnn @ Russ, you took that outifit from my closet that's the outfit I wear when the Jehova Witness's come a knocking


It s kismet we have been soulmates since the night so long ago we professed our undying love .There under the desert moon s silvery shimmer and with the stars shining like perfect blue white diamonds on the darkest of velvet.When I swore on my eternal soul before all the gods that my devotion would outshine and outlast those very stars.I have searched for you down through the eons , so many faces so few smiles and none of the joy your presence brings . All is well again .


laffn before I leave spin for the evening.......thanks so much for the fun and music always xox

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