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October 2nd, 2016

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A cattle rancher has 1500 cows to inseminate and 2 bulls , an old gray muzzled one and a young one newly come into maturity . Rancher sends em to the barn and after 3 days the oldernone had serviced 400 and the younger one 500. He decided to hire a stuff bull to speed up the process . A truck rolls up and in the back is a bull 7 feet tall at the shoulders with horns wider than the truck .The younger bull starts snorting and stomping the ground . The older one says , you don't want to start with him . The younger replies , " I m not starting anything I just want to make sure he knows I m a bull ".

October 2nd, 2016 23:01

haha bullish bravado.....I watched a bull fight the other night...it was ..........brutal to say the least and for once the man got the worst of it......He will be seeing an ass doctor for years to come if he survived.


Did you attend the beef BBQ afterwards?


If they bbq the loser of that one ..........I'm glad I din't attend.



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