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October 11th, 2016

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The light of your love
Is my souls warmth
Without it I would wither and die
As long as we are one
I am above any threat
From man or god
For I know that to bask in your love
Is to truly know nirvana

October 11th, 2016 04:27

I felt that way about Cadbury chocolate pre-Hershey takeover. *sigh* Unfortunately my love was lost to Americanization.


Russ that was lovely, more than lovely in fact.
I've always known you that you have a poetic soul.
and the ability to express it very well.


nepenthes.sehtnepen how can that be??
I dint know Hershey was buying out Cadbury
I can't wait to tell Willy Wonka I hope he has stock.
I wish I had some shares in chocolate, I would call it stocklate chock
<this wine is making me silly.


They did it last year or the year before. It isn't the same!!


Cadbury lover here too. Hershey tried to buy Cadbury a few years ago but lost out to Kraft foods who now owns them. I think what you're referring to is the ban Hershey was able to get against Cadbury from importing their chocolates, which was just a year ago. Hershey's can suck a Cadburys egg!


Oh. Kraft is even worse!! Man. *stomps on ground*


Sounds like a good time to dip myself in quality chocolate.

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